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Good communication is key in all businesses. 

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The primary goal of WDW Consulting is to sit down personally with each client and find the best possible solutions for their technology needs.  We will provide ideas and solutions in the areas of Internet access, Intranet design and installation, computer hardware and software, e-mail, web design, data management, and computer training.  What we cannot handle with direct personal experience, we plan to handle through business partners and contacts.

Good communication is key in all businesses.  Our goal is to make sure that all our clients and partners have good open communication with us and within their own organizations.  We will facilitate that communication between our clients and partners and make sure that everyone understands all issues involved.  We want to eliminate frustrations that may result because of technology level barriers and misunderstandings about services provided.  This will necessitate us having a clear path of communication and support from all our partners.


WDW Consulting is committed to providing personal, competent service that provides affordable and realistic solutions for our clients.

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